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You know I'm extremely extremely extremely picky about who I work with and I don't say that ..it's not a throwaway line… I just am and he's met and exceeded my expectations in every single way.

Justin Critchfield
Owner/Team Leader at Team Plus Realty

If you need a real marketer, I'm talking about a real deal marketer, Abel is one of the best funnel builders and lead generation specialists in the US, he's helped me hit the top 1% and also deal with competitors when they come looking to knock me off.

Kris Anderson
Luxury Real Estate Specialist
Top 10% real estate teams in Southwest USA

I was able to crank out a brand new Youtube channel, start to finish, in one week. He made it so easy in a done-for-you way to follow… he gives you actual templates to follow and a video that you play and pause as you go with each slide. I was able to double my lead rate in the last video batch I did with his strategy, which is huge because I’ve been doing videos for years. If you’re on the fence, the answer is YES!

Andrew Detweiler
Founder & Licensed Broker
The Rockville Real Estate Exchange

Tier 1 delivered a reliable and consistent marketing program. It consistently delivered, and not only did they deliver great leads to us, but they also shared the list of target contacts with us that our sales team was able to use in tandem.

Demi Lucero
Operations & Marketing Manager at Team Plus Realty